University Of California License Agreement

This document provides information resource providers with an overview of the conditions that should be included in licensing agreements with the California Digital Library for all kinds of electronic resources. More detailed information can be found in the standard CDL (for creditors) 7 licensing agreement. Use allowed – para. 107 fair use: the agreement should not restrict or remove the copyright of the UC or its user community. These uses include display, printing, downloading and copying. Morgan – Claypool Life Sciences (Add-on to the Morgan License – Claypool Synthesis) 16th licensing publication: The CDL publishes published copies of all licenses on a UC website. All references to business terms and names are deleted. The purpose of the site is to help CDL users understand and comply with the conditions specified in each license. Summary license conditions for active CDL licenses can be accessed on the CDL ERMS portal. 24.

Location: Each UC campus is defined as a site and has a single administrative official. UC Merced is a 10th campus and should be included in all license agreements. The UC Office of the President is an administrative unit for the system as a whole, which houses the CDL and must also have access to CDL-licensed equipment. Encyclopedia of Popular Music [UCI, UCLA, UCSD, UCSC] (through the CSU agreement) 2. Permanent license: Electronic content represents important and sustainable assets for the university. The agreement should include a non-exclusive and free indeterminate licence (surviving any termination of the contract) to use licensed materials that were accessible during the term of the contract. Permanent access should be made in one way or another and, for the most part, in line with the means of access granted under this agreement; in other words, permanent rights to use the information for which the university has paid, even if a licensed resource is cancelled or withdrawn after the fact. UC will work with the licensee to develop a mutually acceptable means of permanent access to licensed content.

LexisNexis Academic (Lexis Nexis) [All Campuses, Conceded Individually] Retired 1. Archive: The agreement should clearly assume responsibility for the archive and allow the University of California to copy data for the purpose of preserving and/or creating a usable archive copy. If the agreement does not allow the UC to produce a copy that can be used for preservation, the agreement should indicate who is responsible for the permanent archiving of the resource and under what conditions the UC can access the archive copy or return the user. The subscription to the e-journal must contain a printed archive copy of licensed content. 29. URL verification: The CDL creates and manages persistent identifiers (PIDs) to link catalog entries to licensed resources. The CDL periodically checks PIDs to ensure they continue to dissolve correct URLs. If a licensee`s website has a robotic .txt indicating that it does not allow programmed access to the site, the CDL accepts permission to run its validation tool for THE PIDs assigned by CDL to the content granted. No reconfiguration of the licensee`s bot.text file is necessary.

17. ADA compliance: The agreement should require the publisher/supplier to provide its data in a form consistent with UC policies and practices that comply with the U.S. Deseabilitations Act. The CDL follows the guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium. 19. Magazines: UC favours electronic content and access prices regardless of print pricing.