Uma Enrollment Agreement

Please note: any learning agreement signed before choosing courses on our incoming Student Platform (EMI) is provisional, as it is necessary to confirm the availability of courses in the “Pre-registration” section. If you have already left the system, you must complete these steps to complete your direct deposit: the apprenticeship agreement can be modified during mobility with the prior agreement of the academic coordinators (of the host institution and the institution of origin) and before the expiry of the registration period to the UMA (included in the welcome guide). Interested students who wish to determine which courses to take for a program of study before enrolling can use the Equivalency Matrix online transfer course or contact Beth Vigue, transfer officer, at the Chancery. If at the end of this process the next screen is not displayed, you have NOT completed the steps needed to register in the direct repository. UMA`s online delivery options are becoming increasingly popular with students outside of Maine`s public institutions. Special agreements are available with the following institutions: The Maine Community College System and the University of Maine System have entered into a reverse transfer agreement that allows students to obtain a degree or certificate by combining credits from their university with credits previously acquired by their community school. We work closely with Maine community colleges to ensure a smooth transition to the AMU. Courses are regularly reviewed and the Equivalency Matrix Transfer Course is available to display course-by-course transfer values. It`s time to start the path of training, of a new career. You are not alone in this one. At Ultimate Medical Academy, we understand that you have questions about where to start, and we`re here to help you every step of the way. Talk to one of our finance advisors. They guide you from the beginning to the end of the process on how you can apply for, receive and repay your student loans, if they are justified.

UMA wants to achieve your goals. When you sign up, talk to a marketing authorization officer who will help you find the right program. Call! For more information on the ACE transcript request, click here. You can also find the national ACE guide here. If you are ready to return to a career in the health sector, we are ready to help. Throw the ball with our re-entry team! Erasmus students are responsible for knowing the rules, procedures and deadlines of the original institution for the presentation of this document. Current F-1 students who move from an institution to the United States must submit the TRANSFER IN form. F-1 student status is retained in the SEVIS database. For students who pass the University of Maine at Augusta, this form must be sent to the University of Maine of Augusta at the admissions service after the official reception. Courses taught by non-accredited training organizations may receive transfer credits if recognized by the American Board of Education (ACE). Courses must have a CEA credit recommendation and be classified as higher or higher.