Tenant Lease Agreement Va

E. The successor can enter into a new lease agreement with the tenant in the housing unit, in which case the monthly lease ends at the beginning of the new lease. Unless otherwise agreed, a lessor who transfers premises containing a rental housing unit in good faith to a bona foi buyer is exempt from liability under the lease agreement and this chapter for events occurring after the tenant was notified of the transfer. Unless otherwise agreed, a manager of premises containing a residential unit is exempted from the liability of the rental agreement and this chapter for events occurring after written notification to the tenant of the cessation of its management. Below are provisions that are prescribed in your Virginia residential property rental agreement or that are recommended: B. All information that an owner receives in accordance with paragraphs 55.1-1203 remains a confidential rental notice and is not disclosed to persons except in response to a summons. “guest or guest” means a person other than the tenant or an authorized resident who has the tenant`s permission to visit the premises, but not to occupy it. B. Sublease Agreement – The action of a tenant who chooses someone else to use their leased space while agreeing with the landlord. This type of lease agreement must normally be approved by the lessor. “lawful occupant” means a person entitled to occupy a dwelling unit with the agreement of the lessor, but who has not signed the lease and therefore does not have the financial obligations of tenant of the rental agreement. B.

A lessee who has the right to terminate that lessee`s obligations under a lease agreement in accordance with Subsection A must do so by sending the lessor a written termination on a date specified in that notice, due at least 30 days after the first day and payable after the date on which the written notice is made. If the tenant announces the termination to the lessor, the tenant must also provide the lessor with a copy of (i) the protection order or (ii) the conviction order. E. The obligations of the victim as tenants in accordance with paragraphs 55.1 to 1227 are in force until the termination is taken into account in accordance with paragraph B. .