Servicenow User Agreement

compatibility. Any application you create must be compatible with the corresponding ServiceNow products and should not: a) allow a user to present themselves as a user or another user as an individual user; (b) include, send, record or run software viruses, worms, Trojans or other malicious computer codes, files, scripts, agents or programs; (c) access, copy, destroy or transmit data through a user or device that goes beyond what is described in the accompanying documentation; (d) create a denial of service; (e) violate the laws or regulations of the United States, a state or other government authority; or (f) disable, exploit, exploit, hack or disrupt security, encryption, digital signage, management, verification or authentication mechanisms implemented in or through ServiceNow products. ServiceNow may give you temporary access to a ServiceNow non-production instance at your request on the site (a “non-production instance”). Unless the consent agreement is separate at the time of registration, access and use of all non-production instances are subject to these Terms of Use, including and without limitation of intellectual property and limitation of liability periods. If, at the time of registration, a Click-Accept agreement is made available to you for access to ServiceNow services or products, in the event of a conflict between this Contract and the Present Terms of Use, this Agreement replaces these Terms of Use in the event of a conflict. Third-party materials and free and open-source software (“FOSS”) that we make available to you may have licensing conditions, in which case apply to your use of this third-party software or FOSS. The mention of third parties and third-party products in the material, advertisements, promotions or coupons available to you is only for informational purposes and does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation. All third-party specifications and descriptions are provided by the supplier or supplier concerned, and ServiceNow disclaims any responsibility for the selection, performance or use of these suppliers or products. To the extent that you access this software or use it, all agreements, agreements or guarantees, if any, must be directly between you and the Supplier. Rights to applications subject to the terms of the application. The user, who is an application subject to the terms of the application and not ServiceNow, is solely responsible for the terms and obligations of the application.

Access, use or download of a shared app or conditional store application is subject to the terms of the application that were submitted to you prior to your access, provided that these Terms of Use are in conflict with these Terms of Use.