Scotia Itrade Customer Agreement

In times of market volatility and high trading volume, including when the market opens and during trading day, including high-volume trading situations of so-called “hot” stocks, brokerage clients may experience delays in the execution of their securities orders. A delay in processing a market order, which occurs during a period of market volatility or high trading volume through an online brokerage service, may expose the customer to trading risk at a market price significantly different from the market price of the guarantee at the time of order. Once an order has been placed, it may be difficult or impossible to cancel the order before the order is executed. Exchange agreement: your use of Scotia iTRADE`s services involves your agreement that (i) you will meet the Toronto Stock Exchange`s requirements for the introduction and trading of orders; (ii) You will act within the parameters, if any, that are imposed for orders you can enter; and (iii) Scotia iTRADE has the right to refuse, modify or withdraw orders you have entered, to cancel all commercial promises resulting from your order, or to stop accepting your orders at any time without notice. Scotia iTRADE for your iPhone. By pressing the button above or downloading the Mobile Scotia iTRADE app released by Scotia iTRADE, a department of Scotia Capital Inc., you agree to install this app and future updates and upgrades. You can revoke your consent at any time by deleting the app. If you have any comments or questions, you can find us on Twitter @Scotia_iTRADE. We`ll be happy to help. Trade stocks, ETFs and options and manage your investments on the go.

The Scotia iTRADE mobile app is easy to use, secure and synced with your online account, so you`re always in control, whether it`s at your desk or away. Here are some features you can expect: – Access real-time account information and look at portfolio stocks for all your iTRADE Scotia accounts – Act on stocks, ETFs and options, and see the options chains – Manage your open orders – Access offers in real time and monitor the market and your watchlists, Don`t connect to your iPhone.- Manage and transfer money between your Scotia iTRADE and Scotiabank accounts and real-time third-party bank accounts – Fully customizable menu – organize your icons in the order that works best for you – Use your fingerprint to quickly and securely access your accounts. For this reason, our mobile services rely on high security mechanisms to protect your privacy and financial information, from request to opt-out. All transactions are processed behind firewalls, 128-bit encryption is used everywhere. The identity of the user is verified in different ways. Scotia iTRADE 225 King St West Toronto ON M5V 3M2 In 2002, Scotiabank closed its branches (formerly Banco Quilmes) in Argentina during the currency crisis and massive state bankruptcies. The following year, Scotiabank`s Guangzhou subsidiary obtained the first license from the Chinese government to trade chinese currency with a Canadian bank. [7] In 2007, Scotiabank acquired a 24.98% interest in Thanachart Bank, which increased its interest to 48.99% in December 2014. With the acquisition of Siam City Bank, Thanachart Bank is now the sixth largest bank (by assets) in Thailand with more than 16,000 employees who serve more than four million customers in 680 branches and 2,100 ATMs across the country.

In 1975, the Bank of Nova Scotia took over Scotiabank as a global brand.