Machine Consignment Agreement

The shipper declares and accepts that the description (s) of the means of shipping (property, equipment, items) are true and accurate according to the best knowledge and beliefs of the sender and, furthermore, that the sender is not aware of any undisclosed defects in this shipment. 1. Property. The shipper guarantees, commits and accepts that the goods, equipment, goods sold are in the possession of the shipper and that there are no guarantees, judgments or other charges on the property, including all sales or transfer rights, of the means of shipping (property, equipment, goods). The parties agree that ownership of the lot remains with the sender until the lot is sold by the recipient in separate parts or in whole. The shipper has the right to sell the goods described above (property, property) on his own account. If the sender sells the shipment mentioned in this Contract, the recipient (must not) is nevertheless allowed to pay for the sale of that lot under this Agreement. 6. Amount (s) of (s) payment (s) to the sender. Shipper and recipient that an amount of % of the sale price set and agreed by the sender must be paid and paid to the sender for the sale of the goods (property, equipment, goods) subject to the agreement.

Each month, the recipient provides a written statement in which all sales are made by the (property, equipment, article) in accordance with this agreement, including data relating to these sales, the total amount of sales received and the commission due to the recipient. (An “A” exposure may be willing to establish other agreements on the structure of commissions/rates/etc.) The parties agree that the recipient (may/cannot)) retains and retains the commission payable on the amount to be transferred to the shipper upon the sale of the shipment (property, equipment, property) pursuant to Article 5 of this Agreement. _________ 10. This agreement is not terminated and can only be amended by a written amendment agreed and signed by both parties. 11. Construction. This convention is governed by the laws of the state. Termination of this delivery contract.