Ford Tentative Agreement 2019 Pdf

The agreement is expected to take one to two weeks and is expected to take place within two weeks. Ford and UAW negotiators reached an interim agreement on Wednesday after three days of talks on the basis of the model agreement. Ford Motor Co. plans to offer its full-time workers a 9,000-$US signing bonus for ratification of the proposed interim contract, two sources close to the Detroit Free Press said Thursday. On Friday, union officials from across the country gathered in downtown TCF, formerly known as Cobo Hall, to review the proposed interim agreement and make their recommendation. Chris Budnick, an employee at The Ford Truck Plant in Louisville, wants to take a closer look at the details of the agreement before making a decision. He was pleased, however, that health care had been maintained. He is concerned about how temporary workers are able to work full-time. The UAW National Ford Council voted Friday to recommend ratification of a preliminary agreement with Ford Motor Co. after three hours of review and discussion. Apart from the impact on UAW Local 400 in Utica, Lashbrook believes that the interim agreement is good. Like the GM agreement, a $60,000 retirement incentive is available to all production employees and up to 200 skilled workers who retire under the normal and pre-retirement provisions of the agreement. Neither Ford nor the UAW would comment on the agreement, except in prepared statements.

After the 40-day strike by United auto workers against General Motors, UAW executives and the Ford Motor Company agreed on a new employment contract. The UAW agreement with Ford is similar to the one the union reached with GM in October and has yet to be ratified by UAW workers at Ford. The UAW did not strike at Ford and, unlike the tense five-week negotiation period during the strike against GM, the UAW and Ford reached an interim agreement in just three days. “The Ford agreement seems, for the most part, to be in line with the GM model, with the exception of the ratification bonus – $9,000 seems more than reasonable, as Ford members do not have to go on a six-week strike,” said Colin Lightbody, former Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV labour negotiator and president of HR and Labor Inc. Randy Lashbrook , president of the Romeo Engine Plant, has meanwhile voted “no” to the provisional agreement.