Draw Agreement Traduzione

11 (compatible) Contract: his face was drawn with pain, his face was contracted because of the pain. 4 (to move) start, head, rotation: get to one end. 10 (for stretching) stretch, pull: pull around an elastic pull an elastic band. 1 (to sketch, to represent) draw, represent: a house draw a house. 5 (pictured) (on request) complaint, complaint, address (a); (money): draw on savings that use their savings. 23 (to desecrate) remove the incense from the intestine: pull a chicken, remove the incense from a chicken. 8 (inspire) to inhale, breathe, take the first breath; to take the last breath. To shoot sth. (use), use.

Do you miss a translation, have you noticed a mistake or would you like to give us a compliment? Fill out our comment form. Your email address is optional and we only need to respond to your request in accordance with our privacy policy. 17 (image) (drift) draw, drift, drift: to draw a conclusion, make a conclusion. 6 (picture) (to dress) dress, attract, exult: the show attracted a large crowd, the show attracted a large audience; qcu`s attention. draw on himself Be attracted to that. Be attracted to qcu. sth.: 1 (liquids) 2 (remove) backs up, come back, remove the dogs! Keep the dogs! sth. to pull down: 1 attractive; 2 (to deplete) exhaustion, consumption: draw oil reserves from oil reserves.

to draw sth.-up: 1 filling, design, establishment: drafting a contract to draft the contract; 2 Shoot: Pull the seat on the seat; well. in: 1 (to attract) attract, put on; 2 (to integrate it) pull qcu. inside qcs. (also fig); Set up: 1 (Mil) set up, set up; 2 (to stop) stop, stop: the taxi pulled the stopped taxi; 24 (Hunt) to shoot a fox. to shoot (approximation) approach, be at the gates, be close: winter attracts on winter is just around the corner; sth.: remove 1, go out, go down; 2 (to be extended), extend, lengthen, wear for a long time, draw at length: prolong an interview, prolong an interview; (Image) as well. Leave out of their qcu shell. its own shell; 7 (Figue) (to invoke) Tears, unleash, stir; crying; The applause elicits applause. 21 (Am,Mil) withdraw, withdraw: rations withdraw rations.

5 Shoot, drag, shoot; the cart was pulled by a donkey, the cart was pulled by a donkey. 12 (to be received), get: to collect the pension, to collect the pension. 1 (one day) end; 2 Reduce (daylight): days are reduced in days; 3 (arrive), arrive; 2 (to sketch) shoot, shoot: to draw a line (also fig). to lie down, to lie down: the days are longer; 20 (Mar) Fishing: the boat pulls twenty feet of water the ship fishes twenty feet. to shoot into the sth. (arrival) arrival, arrival: the train moved into the station of the train arriving at the station; 16 (liquids) Robinet: beer from a barrel of beer to be pulled from a barrel of beer in a barrel. to draw sth. in: 1 (to sketch) sketches, sketches, draw qcs.

all in all, 2 (claws) recede: the cat came out in its claws the cat removed its claws. To shoot Sth. The train left the station, the train left the station, the train left the station, the train left the station. 18 (Image) to get, get, get: my question did not come out my question did not receive an answer. 25 (Hunt) (from a hidden area), hit in search of game. Would you like to leave comments on our online dictionaries? 13 (in maps) (bridge); (one color) Porto (your cards).