Csu 52 Collective Agreement Epcor

If you do not assign it as a result of the reading, your bargaining committee will provide you with this update on the status of the negotiations and inform you of the next step in the process. CSU 52 stands in solidarity with Safeway/Sobeys workers who are members of UFCW Local 401. We reject binding arbitration to settle this dispute and support the Ombudsman`s recommendations on which the workers concerned must decide. Published 1/25/2019 Members of the City of Edmonton, please attend the next meeting of the contract unit. Discussion topic: Negotiations update Update 02.10.2018 Communication updates #7 is the next newsletter in the 2018 Court Review Series. This important labour relations initiative is an important priority for SHC 52. The city and the Union (CSU 52) are working on a collaborative approach.