Collective Agreement Database Saskatchewan

For the renewal or revision of a collective agreement Each party cannot terminate strikes and lockouts prior to the rate classification 6-31 Section 6-44 of the Saskatchewan Employment Act between 60 and 120 days before the expiry of collective agreement 6-26 (2), which stipulates that each of the contracting parties must submit a copy of the collective agreement or amending document, amending or amending an agreement with the Minister of Labour Relations and Labour Safety. A copy of the collective agreement must be provided immediately after the conclusion of the collective agreement or any other document. After exhausting all appeals in the collective agreement, the parties may request that the Director of Labour Relations appoint a labour relations delegate to assist the parties in resolving the dispute. The law stipulates that the Minister must receive these documents, but the Department of Industrial Relations and Mediation acts on behalf of the Minister and is responsible for the collection, storage and dissemination of collective agreements. The Saskatchewan Employment Act provides access to all collective agreements submitted to the Minister. Each party can request at any time, during a collective bargaining process, a vote on the latest employer offer 6-35, and if the majority of the aid is received, a collective agreement is entered into under these terms 6-35 (6), the parties may ask the Board of Directors to request assistance in concluding a first collective agreement 6-25 (1) to which electronic copies can be cancelled by e-mail to: certificate may be cancelled; if, at the request of a worker, it is found that 45% or more of the union`s employees want decertification and, in this case, a vote is taken, and the will of the majority of workers regulates 6-17 (3) Department of Labor and Mediation 300 – 1870 Albert Street Regina , SK S4P 4W1 . Any party may ask a special mediator to investigate, place a special mediator and report it to the Minister about a 6-28 conflict.